Hi, I'm Bill.

Recently, there's been a lot of talk about shopping locally online. But it appeared to me that a crucial link was missing - the link to help shoppers and shops find each other.


So, as a designer and marketer, beginning over the October Bank Holiday weekend, I built this website and started Shopfront Ireland - and it is growing daily. 


It's amazing to see how many great businesses are 'out there' to be discovered and the skill, energy and commitment of the people behind them. I understand the difficulties getting in front of customers and I will do all I can using my own skills and experience to showcase shops and businesses through Shopfront Ireland. 


I want to add links to as many shops' online businesses as possible. If you'd like yours added, get in touch. Later there will be opportunities to feature and other promotions. And as Shopfront Ireland grows, so will the marketing potential for the shops represented.

I'm an Art Director and Graphic Designer, with thirty years experience as an award winning creative for business. If it's needed, I can help shops improve their online presence or even get trading online in the first place. I also have skills in branding, video production and other visual communications. Linking to shops' websites I'm happy to do for free, but for individual consultation and design, there would need to be a charge. Nothing outrageous though - and I'd be delighted to chat anytime if it can help.

If you're interested email me here or through social media. And you can check out the type of thing I have done for others at OystercatcherTF

I wish you well.


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