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The artist behind The Ireland Posters Store is Roger O’Reilly. Roger lives and works in Kilkenny - although his inspiration comes from all four corners of the island of Ireland. He creates artworks of Ireland, its beauty, and its cultural heritage.

Roger has worked as an illustrator and storyboard artist for advertisements, periodicals, and productions such as the TV series ‘Vikings’ among others.

In 2017, he started up the Ireland Posters project to pursue his true calling of sketching and illustrating the landmarks and landscapes of Ireland. He hasn’t looked back!

Inspired by the golden age of railroad posters and all things Irish, this collection started with the artist’s hometown and then his adopted city, Kilkenny. Today, the collection has grown to almost 300 original posters.

Each poster is a unique composition based on the artist’s own drawings and sketches. In many posters, you will see the motif of Roger’s thumbprint used as texture throughout the print. The artist signs each poster.

“Our mission is to help Irish people everywhere - or people who just love Ireland - to proudly show off where they come from, where they’ve been, or where they feel they belong”.

Now The Ireland Posters Store has a number of collections; towns and Counties (and towns) of Ireland, Iconic Ireland, Irish pubs, Birds of Ireland, Villages of Dublin and Lighthouses - many of which I’d never heard of – from Achill Beg to Rotten Island.

The latter has been made into a book “Lighthouses of Ireland”, published by Collins Press. A 200 page hardback volume featuring over 280 illustrations, detailing all the lighthouses that guard the Irish coastline. It achieved Best Irish published Book of the year award at the 2018 An Post book awards!

All posters are shipped by An Post mailing services. As well as all over Ireland, popular destinations include most of Europe, the USA and Canada , Australia and NZ, along with some African, Asian and Middle Eastern states (though due to Covid 19 restrictions in a number of countries, they are currently off the list).

As Roger says: ‘Well-designed wall art is a great addition to any home, but travel posters bring an extra dimension because of that personal connection, whether they illustrate somewhere you’ve been or they serve simply to say “This is where I come from.”

“Ireland is the gift that keeps on giving, and it is the inspiration for our business.”

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