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Red Squirrel is a small, Dublin based company that specialises in bespoke indoor and outdoor team building treasure hunts for the corporate sector. Whatever the business or needs, they can develop the perfect experience for your team.

Anna O’Flanagan is the Founder and 'Chief Squirrel'. Working in senior roles in Training, Facilitation and Events, with both Public and Private Enterprise, has given her 20 years of insight and experience.

"At Red Squirrel we shake things up, enhance relationships and make every person on the team feel valued." Lately Anna and her team have cleverly pivoted their business towards being online and now offer Remote Team Building - helping teams to have fun and stay connected while working apart.

Guided by an expert facilitator, the teams learn to work collectively, reveal their individual strengths and 'create lasting bonds of respect and belonging.'

With many companies continuing to work remotely, managers need to find new, creative ways to boost staff morale and help their team stay connected while they work apart.

Red Squirrel Remote Team Building experiences provide companies with a selection of imaginative, fun and engaging online activities for virtual teams.

Employees have a shared positive experience, which ultimately builds trust and leads to happier, more connected team members and a more engaged and productive workforce.

“During Lockdown, Red Squirrel put together a brilliant remote team building experience that was great fun and made everyone in our team feel included.”

Stephen Walsh, Human Resources, Codec

Red Squirrel will talk to you over the phone in advance to discuss your remote team building requirements and ensure the activity is tailored to your company’s specific needs.

On the day of the challenge, all activities take place online and are super interactive, engaging and energetic with physical tasks, small group activities and funny surprises to keep all team members entertained and involved.

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