When it was announced that the whole country was moving to level 5 from 22 October 2020, the bleak image of most of the shops with their shutters down in main streets, side streets and malls right across the country came into view.

Inspired by the poster 'Doors of Dublin' this website was originated to open up the 'Shopfronts of Ireland' in one place. Through the site, I'd like to feature, and tell the stories of, various shops, and the humans behind them, using images of their shopfronts.


...and open them up for business.

There are many shops online, but it can be hard to find them. We want Shopfront Ireland to be the virtual shopfront for as many local retailers and producers across the island of Ireland as possible. Together we will grow and grow.

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While we've done our best to list as many online shops in Ireland as we can, the list continues to grow.


Get in touch if

- you would like your online shop to be listed

- you would like your shop to be featured

- you would like help getting online or improving your online presence

- you would like the link to your online shop removed from Shopfront Ireland

gift shop of the month

The artist behind The Ireland Posters Store is Roger O’Reilly. Roger lives and works in Kilkenny - although his inspiration comes from all four corners of of Ireland. He creates artworks of Ireland, its beauty, and its cultural heritage.

ONLINE shop of the month

Founded by Anna O'Flanagan, Red Squirrel provides engaging virtual and in-person experiences to companies who need to boost their teams with enjoyable team building experiences.

BOOKshop of the month

Based in Cork City the Badly Made Books studio specialises in the production of high quality, low impact local stationery.


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